Sunday, April 13, 2008

New website, please update links...

I am writing this to inform you that I have officially moved over to my new website,

Please update your links, the current feed for the podcast already points to the new website.

Thank you, and I hope you continue on the new site, which is much nicer (and faster) than this site.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Update Show 6

Real, real quick update for you guys.

I have purchased my domain names, and have the forums (and nothing else, yet) set up on them now.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Patch Show 6 (2.4)

So, here it is... Patch Show 6.

I was specifically told by a fan to "man up" and get it done, so, here it is.

There is a guest host this time, Josh Fletcher, AKA Kyo Kenshin on my forums. We actually had to record this twice, though, as the first file he tried recording on his end just up and disappeared somehow. This time I recorded on my end. The quality should be about the same, as the programs we used to record are similar in function, just his is for Windows, mine is for OS X. The original was 3.5 hours long, this one is 2 hours and six minutes long... so 5+ hours of recording! YAY!

The overall audio quality, however, might be a little lower than I normally like, as I accidentally transferred the original uncompressed files to 64 kbps MP3 for editing, instead of my normal 192 kbps MP3s for editing. We'll have to see. But, I just spent a good chunk of time editing this... and I'm not editing it all over again. Deal with it. Also, for some reason, there was some slight popping during the last segment we recorded, and I don't know why. Also, this puts all the audio to one track, which means we may talk over each other at times. Not much we can do about that without each of us recording separate tracks... but editing that shit is a pain, trust me.

No Teldrassil music in the beginning, it's long enough. It just starts right up. LET THE EAR BLEEDING COMMENCE!

Actually, I'm typing this as it is exporting... because I am dumb. So I have another 26 minutes of letting Blogger stare me in the face while it exports. Me am smart. Of course, by the time you read this, the audio will be up for download.

Man, I love FiOS.. I just uploaded the 58 MB file in under 2 minutes. <3 Of course, my host makes it 60.9 MB...

Of course, then I screw up the HTML and people couldn't download the damn podcast for the past 6 hours...

DAMN IT! I just discovered why my voice sounded like I was using a different mic... I WAS USING A DIFFERENT MIC! GOD DAMMIT! My Skype was set to use my iSight, not my damn headset. I have no idea why this was... grrrrrrrrrrrr

File Size: 60.9 MB
Run Time: 2:06:50

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update Show 5

Musical intro and outro again. Talking begins around the 4:15-4:20 mark.

Not a big show, this was mainly to just bring you guys up to speed on a few key issues.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update Show 04

Here is Update Show 04! Warning! Musical intro and outro for those who don't care for the music, the podcast starts at 4 minutes in.

I discuss a bunch of stuff, and ramble on since I recorded at 5 AM, like a dumb ass.

Run Time: 1:02:20
File Size: 29.9 MB

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another video test for iTunes

Same video, just testing it in iTunes again. After it shows up in iTunes, I'll see how it looks there, then get into editing the video podcast. EDIT: It showed up beautifully in iTunes (not showing up on the show page, but if you hit update podcast it is there). Now I know the format to use, and the hosting site. This means a little out of game recording, then on to full edit mode!

Direct Link

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another version of the Happy Holidays video... I hope.

Ok, the last version looked like crap on iTunes, testing this one.


And that version didn't show up at all. Go figure. I might have to look for a different host for the video when it is edited.

Happy Holidays from WorldOfPodCast

Happy Holidays. Here is a little video. I'm testing to see if this shows up in iTunes or not... otherwise I have to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Here is the YouTube version, as well:

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Patch Show 5 (2.3)

Here's Patch Show 5, for patch 2.3.

Discussion on a whole ton of things... and me recording on over 20 hours with no sleep. So, you know it will be good...

I meant to talk about the Activision Blizzard formation, but forgot in my tired stupor. I'll record a quick news show about it later.

Run Time: 1:33:50
File Size: 45 MB
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PTR Show 4 (Patch 2.3)

Apologies for the audio quality being a bit lower than the last few shows. My normal mic has a short in it, so had to use an older mic.

This episode is all about the changes upcoming in patch 2.3, lots of items to discuss. Had to rerecord the entire show after a program crash, though, so some parts may sound rushed as I had already recorded them once and was a wee bit pissed.

Be sure to email me, comment here, or comment on the forms!

I also apologize for not having a Flash player this post... apparently my host's Flash player code I used last time no longer works... need to get new code. Going to attempt one here...

Hey, it worked!

Direct Download/Listen Now

Run Time: 1:08:05
File Size: 31 MB

Monday, October 08, 2007

2.3 changes. What are you excited for?

There are a TON of changes coming in 2.3. I should hopefully have my mic all set soon, so a 2.2 patch show and then a 2.3 upcoming changes show will be in the works.

Oh, and the in-game voice chat client sucks an ass.

So, list the changes you are excited about, and I'll mention them on the show.

Changes I'm most excited for:

Zul'aman and new heroic loot potential.
Leveling changes (maybe I'll finally level up all my under-40 alts).

There are places to look for 2.3 notes, such as and

Let me know what you want to hear about, and I'll do my best to fit in as much as I can.

Leave a comment here, on my forums, or email me with your wish list based on the changes for 2.3.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blizzcon and More

Here is a show discussing some things we found about at Blizzcon. More will be coming about Blizzcon, once I fix a short in my headset mic.

I am also testing the flash player for listening through your browser with this post. Those of you who listen from the web page, tell me how it works out for you, and if you prefer it or not. I won't stop the direct downloads from the page, though, it's just an added convenience, I feel.

Run Time: 46:55
File Size: 22.5MB

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

News Show 02

Here is News Show 02, all about some of the upcoming changes in patch 2.2, on the test realms now.

I'm not playing on the test realms for much of the early part of the testing, because the one feature I would have been trying out, isn't available to my Mac. /cry

After some more builds of the PTR get released, I may decide to play on it some more to test out some of the other things, like the currently missing VOIP feature.

Listen Now.
Run Time: 47:40
File Size: 22.9 MB

Friday, July 06, 2007

Patch Show 4.5

Here is Patch Show 4.5!

More info on the Ogri'la group quests and the 4 dragon bosses in the area.
Info on the Netherwing quests I have access to.
A few small bugs mentioned.
Armory tools, and small add on rambling.
GO SEE TRANSFORMERS section of non-WoW stuff.

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Run time: 1:13:45
File Size: 35.4 MB

Monday, July 02, 2007

Save music on the Net

I'm sure some of you know about the proposed increase to royalties for music played on the Net. This sort of increase has been proposed for a long time, almost always by the RIAA itself (IE not the artists). But now the publishing companies representing the artists have gotten something through that may pass that will increase the current royalty rate paid to the artists by Internet radio stations. The proposed increase, just like the older RIAA sponsored increases, is astornomical and will most likely bankrupt smaller Internet-only raido stations.

The proposed increase is an increase in royalties from anywhere between 300%-1200%. If it passes, it will go into effect on July 15, and the royalty payments will be retroactive to January of 2006. This back payment that will be required will amount to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, money many smaller Internet-only radio stations simply do not have. Even many larger terrestrial radio stations with advertisers who also stream online are considering pulling their Net streams because they feel that the price hike is just too much.

So, check out the link in the banner below for more information.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Patch Show 4 (2.1.0-2.1.2)

Patch Show 4!

Talk of changes with Patch 2.1.0, 2.1.1, and 2.2.2. I do make one mistake (that I heard) calling the engineering goggles enchanting goggles at first. Dunno why, I guess I'm just dumb at times. I meant to say something about 2.2, but never got to it. I'll do a show about those changes later this week or next week. It's a good change that is upcoming, and I want to see how it works out.

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Run Time: 1:03:55
File Size: 30.7 MB

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Return of WoPC

It's been a few months, but, alas poor listeners, I am not dead yet, nor have I lost my voice permanently. Cringe in fear now, mortals.

Some talk of 2.1. Talk of me being bored with the game, and that 2.1 might be the make or break patch for me. Rant against a limey tard.

Run Time: 1:02:00
File Size: 29.8 MB

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Burning Crusade Impressions Show

After a long delay, caused by an injury to me, here is a new show!

Please don't mind the sporadic coughing, I am coming down with a cold. Also there isn't much editing to this episode, mainly because of my injury. I explain in the cast.

When this injury heals up some more, I can get the ginormous show out that was recorded over a month ago, because I will be able to edit far easier than I can now.

Until then, please enjoy this show.

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Run Time: 1:06:40
File Size: 32 MB

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Patch Show 3.5 (2.0.1)

Some more info on Patch 2.0.1 with this cast.

Also, you will notice it sounds slightly different. I got a new mic the other day, so I am hoping it has increased the overall sound quality. Please let me know what you think of the new sound.

As promised, in the show, here are the links to pics showing that auto-failing quest bug:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Here is the quest that failed the day before and worked the next day:

Pic 4

Here is the quest that failed after I had deleted my Interface, WTF, and WDB folders (and reinstalled all my add ons):

Pic 5

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Run Time: 31:20
File Size: 15 MB

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Patch Show 3 (2.0.1)

So, here is the show for Patch 2.0.1. The good. The bad. And the really bad about this patch.

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Run Time: 30:15
File Size: 14.5 MB

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PTR Show 3 (Patch 2.0)

Here is the newest PTR show for the upcoming patch, Patch 2.0, which is the bridge patch between the current game and the expansion.

Discussion on the new PvP system, 41 point talents (some of them), character sheet changes, and some more!

Not a long show, since there wasn't a whole lot of new content to test on the test realm, but you know the info I give is pretty in-depth.

DOH! Looks like I should have checked the forums! They did announce the release date for the patch, December 5, 2006. Oh well, stop your PvP rank grind now, unless all you care about it the rank itself and not the items you get from it. After this Tuesday, you can't just buy them for gold.

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File Size: 12.8 MB
Run Time: 26:45

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Burning Crusade Exposed (WoWCast/World of PodCast show) part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2? Where's part one? Head on over to WoWCast for part one.

Alachia and I discuss a whole mess of topics, then go drool over the new Arena PvP sets and weapons before discussing some more topics.

This is a long episode, so it starts right up. No intro music or anything, the damn thing is almost 2 hours already, you don't need any extra time before the meat of the cast.

We both apologize for the slight technical difficulties that happened on the recording of these shows. We recorded on a single computer through Skype, and there were network problems that messed up our recording. Unfortunately, it seemed to happen at the most inopportune times, like at the punch line of jokes. Next time we'll bite the bullet and just record separate audio files, even though it takes a lot longer to edit.

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Run Time: 1:53:50
File Size: 54.6 MB

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm in the top 100 game and hobbies podcasts on iTunes

I made it to number 86 out of the top 100 podcasts under the category of Games and Hobbies!

I couldn't have done it without my listeners, though, so a hearty thank you to all of you!

Click for full size image.

EDIT: Moved up to 75! Tuesday is normally my big day for hits, so let's see how well it goes.

Click for full size image.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Raid and Dungeon Show 01

Two shows in one week? UNPOSSIBLE!

This is a new type of show, the Raid and Dungeon show. Raid and Dungeon shows will focus on the small group or raid instances found within WoW, offering tips and strategies for getting through the instances.

The first show focuses on Zul'Gurub, and is a highly in-depth look at the trash, and the bosses of Zul'Gurub, and how to defeat them. I hope this overview of ZG will help people just starting in ZG, planning on starting in ZG soon, or working their way through ZG in making progress within the first 20 man raid instance released for WoW.

These shows will be released periodically, and I will focus on a different instance each time.

Listen Now

Run time: 1:32:55
File Size: 44.6 MB

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

News Show 01

So, been a bit of news released recently about upcoming changes to the game, and I don't always stay in line and bring you all the changes I hear about.

Well, this show should help to change that. As I get more info about upcoming changes that may not necessarily be in a specific patch, I'll do these sorts of shows to get that info out to you.

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File Size: 20.4 MB
Run Time: 42:25

Friday, September 01, 2006

PTR/Patch Show 2

Soooo, I missed out on finishing my PTR show, but, honestly, I didn't play that much on it because I found the PTR for 1.12 perfectly uninteresting.

My end all decision was to just mix them together. A few tidbits of info come from the PTR, some from the final release of 1.12.

So, here it is for your listening masochism!

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Run Time: 32:42
File Size: 15.7 MB

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Episode 9: Druidcast

Episode 9 is here! Druids, druids, and more druids!

Check out the forum post for links to the feral and balance druid talent specs I recommend for people going all out balance, or feral, and an explanation on the 44 talent points (minimum) for a full restoration druid. Remember, the feral and balance druid talent examples are not spending the full 51 talent points, especially the feral one-- which emphasizes only the talents that really help both cat and bear forms, without specializing in either form.

I just heard a mistake in the cast, though! I say to swim East after getting the bauble in Lake Elune'ara... I mixed up the directions! Swim West young druid, swim West!

Listen Now

Run Time: 59:30
File Size: 28.6 MB

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Patch Show 1 (1.11)

Patch Show 1 is here! Now with 90% less burping!

Talk of some things with the new patch on the live realms... bugs... rant... normal stuff.

Listen Now

Run Time: 40:03
File Size: 19.2 MB

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Public Test Realm Episode 1 (1.11)

This is the first in new numbering system for the Public Test Realm shows. In this episode I discuss many of the changes taking place in patch 1.11, including Argent Dawn changes, Naxx, ZG changes, UI changes, and more!

Run Time: 59:55
File Size: 28.8 MB

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Monday, May 29, 2006



Update 03, forums, and more!

Listen Now

Run Time 16 mins
File Size 8 MB

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

E3 Impressions cast

I meant to have this up yesterday... but E3, the trips, etc. always gives me a huge headache on my first few days back. As a result, yesterday was hell for me.

So, here is the cast.

I give impressions on the little bit of the Burning Crusade I was able to play... and mind you, there wasn't much to play with the limited amount of time I had.

Other impressions include: FEAR and Shadowrun for the Xbox 360, Huxley for PC and Xbox 360, Wii games and the controller, Unreal Tournament 2007, maybe something else as well, I forget right now... I've been waiting on my host to get the file up.

Listen Now

File Size: 14.6 MB
Run Time: 30:20

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

E3 pres conference wrap up

Here is the first of the E3 podcatsts, all about the press conferences for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. A co-op cast with

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File Size: 14.6 MB
Run time: 30:21

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pre-E3 06 Show

Sorry, I meant to have this up last night... but I was beat, and crashed early. So, here it is now.

Short, sweet, to the point. Remember to email me what you want to hear from E3 by Sunday so I can be ready. My email address is for those who forget easily. Majority rules, if the majority wants to hear about just WoW/Blizz, then that's what I discuss. If the majority wants to hear about all sorts of goings on, then that's what I discuss.

Be ready for E3 '06 Episode 1 next week!

Listen Now

File size: 3.3 MB

Run Time 6:50

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Episode 8.5-- 1.10 live

It's late, I know it is. Sue me. Things happen. Talk of 1.10 on the live servers, a little of 1.11.

Run Time: 32:00
File Size: 15.4 MB

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Xylophones never sounded so good...

Doesn't this make you wish you knew how to play the Xylophone?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Update 02--More info for upcoming casts and such

As promised, here is WorldOfPodCast Update 02! I let you in on upcoming episodes, as well as technical things for behind the scenes. The intrigue! The fascination! The... ah, who am I kidding? You know you don't really care. You just wanna hear what music I put in, you can admit it.

Listen now

File Size: 9.2 MB
Run Time: 19:14

Monday, March 13, 2006

Google Video

I think I'm addicted to Google Video. There is just so much cool and funny shit on there, and a lot of WoW vids as well (of course, you can also go to WarCraft Movies for movies, too, but you don't have to download these to watch them... streaming FTW!!!).

I mean, check out this crazy stuff from what appears to be either Japanese or Chinese TV.

Also, on an odd note, I am actually starting to use OS X's Dashboard feature a bit more. When Apple announced Dashboard as a feature of OS X, I was more like "meh"... but, now that Google has put out a Blogger widget (OS X users can download it directly by clicking here), I can post to my site here without ever having to go to the site... unless there's a ton of text in the post, like this one (that video HTML is a killer). My last few posts, though, were all done from my desktop, with no need to be on the Blogger site at all. Leave it to Google to make something that would make me use a feature of the OS I could otherwise care less about... They might even have a similar tool for the various widget programs available for Windows and Linux, as well. Hmm, well, I don't see an official Blogger/Google widget on my search, but I did find one for Konfabulator which is available for both Windows and Mac (I didn't know Yahoo bought out Konfabulator...)

This actually rounds out my Google Widgets, since I now have a Google search bar widget (for when my browser is not open), and a Google mail widget (able to check for new messages at a glance, again, no need for a browser open). OS X users can see all three downloads here.

Ok, must eat.

Isn't this just so true?

The video explains it all...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Episode 08- J-Pop and 1.10

So, I decided to put my talk of the druid class off by a week so I could discuss 1.10.  I've been on the test servers a few times, got the feel of some things, and report back.  Oh, and enjoy the J-Pop intro... and this video of the song (Note I moved the video to a new post, as the video was interfering with my iTunes update, I think).

Run Time: 45:40
File Size: 21.9 MB

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A little extra...

Here is the druids and innervate talk I cut from Ep 07 to make it shorter, along with some of the jokes from some of the character types in WoW. I joked I was going to edit the jokes into Ep 07... but the file was huge to begin with...

Oh, look! I put music behind this one!

Run Time: 13:55

File Size: 6.7 MB

Listen Now

Episode 07-- Longest podcast EVAR!!!

This one is LONG! And I cut out over 20 minutes!

Alachia from WoWCast guest stars (and records because my sound card didn't support a function of my recording software /cry). No musical entrance, no music behind the cast... the file is huge enough as it is. We have fun, joke (learn2makejokes n00b!), and have some serious content for about 5 minutes.

Run time: 1 hour 50 mins
File size:53 MB

Listen Now

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Episode 07 is coming... Pause these video streams and watch when you want to

Alachia from WoWCast joins me for Episode 07. But, well, there's a ton of editing to do. We sort of rambled on about other topics at some points... porn, and variations of it, mainly... and I have to cut this thing down in size; we rambled on for around 2 hours. Well, that is as soon as I get the whole thing.

See, my laptop's sound card didn't support a feature of Audacity that would let me record us over Skype... so she had to do the recording on her end. But, she also had to get up for work, so I have to give her a little time to get the MP3 to me. Probably tonight, though, I'll have the full thing to edit. Some of the bullshit will stay in the podcast, though. Some of it is funny, some of it is just me being, well, a dumbass (like you expect any less).

But, I mention a funny as hell WoW video I saw in there, so I wanted to let those of you who have not seen it see it. The video uses WoW characters to recreate a song from the musical Avenue Q, called "The Internet is for Porn." (A pattern? We speak of porn, and a song about porn? Nah, coincidence...) There are a lot of compression artifacts in it, but, still, you can get the gist.

I also mention the female Night Elf dance, and how it was copied from a French pop star (OK, she's apparently from Corsica, originally, before her fans eat into me), named Alizée. I'm posting the videos of the two songs where when she performs them, you can definitely see where the guy who came up with the female Night Elf dance animation had a serious thing for Alizée. Not that I can truly blame him... she is hot. Married, with a kid, but still hot.

Ironically, each of the songs with the videos below have English versions (I guess to try and break her into the UK charts)... however, the songs were completely re-written for their English versions, and make little sense in English. Basically, they needed to re-write the words so the song lyrics had the same flow in English that they do in Français. And, even though she can sing in English, when you hear the English versions, it really shows she is more comfortable singing these songs in French (though she does do a passable cover of Madonna's La Isla Bonita).

The first video is from the song entitled J'ai Pas Vingt Ans (I'm Not Twenty is the English translation... and yes, she was only 18 when the video was made 3 years ago), and you can see a few elements that were incorporated into the female Night Elf dance moves. The guy who made this compilation took shots from the music video, and a bunch of live perfomrances (they all use the same choreography) and put them into this video. Yes, he has way too much time on his hands... and is apparently unhealthily obsessed with her.

The second is from the song Jen Ai Marre (I'm Fed Up is the English translation), and the choreography is only in her live performances of the song, the music video has no choreography. At about 3:25 into the song, you will definitely see the move incorporated into the female Night Elf dance... or you are fucking blind.

Yes, these are in French. Yes, it's pop music. Kind of catchy, but that is what pop music is for... mindless, catchy songs. And, to all the guys... you don't have to like her voice... just look at her. Obviously the animator did.

So, enjoy the eye candy while you wait for Episode 07 to come out. It should only be a few days or so, at the most.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Episode 6.1--Fixing a mistake in Episode 6

Ok, so I made a mistake in Episode 6. I'm here to fix it. String me up for it, I suppose... but, it is now fixed.

Add ons:

Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper

File Size: 973 KB
Run Time: 2:04

Listen Now

Friday, February 17, 2006

Episode 06--More Add Ons!

Episode 6 is here folks!

Add ons discussed in Episode 6:


Druid Reagents (Druid)
DruidBar (Druid)
ZTranqhelper (Hunter) Requires ZStatusBar
Quanjure (Mage) Requires Titan Panel
SheepWatch (Mage)
Titan [Paladin: Divinity] Requires Titan Panel (Paladin)
Titan [Paladin: Kings] Requires Titan Panel (Paladin)
Judge/Seal (Paladin)
Energy Watch (Rogue)
Autopick (Rogue)
CountDoom (Warlock)
Shard Tracker Ressurection (Warlock)
Necrosis (Warlock)
Taunt Buddy (Warrior)

KeepitCool (professions cooldown add on)

Sorry it took a bit longer to get this out than I hoped. Thanks for waiting, though!

File Size: 13.3 MB
Run Time: 28:55

Listen Now

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Episode 05.5--Addenda and some news

Some addenda to Episode 5's add on discussion; and some talk about the new Dungeon 2 set as well as what appears to be the AQ 20 set.

File Size: 10.5 MB
Length: 21:55

Listen now.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Epsiode 05--Modifications Galore!

Episode 5 is the start of a multi-part show based around user interface modifications.

In this episode I discuss general modifications useful to pretty much everyone, in my humble opinion. Next episode I will focus on add ons that are much more class specific.

Add ons discussed in Episode 5:

Titan Bar
CT Raid Assist
Scrolling Combat Text
Loot Hog

I have not yet been able to get the video I want to show off the mods, though. I hope to have this video ready by episode 6, but I can make no promises.

File Size: 18.3 MB
Run Time: 39:50

Listen Now

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Update

Medivh has finished their turn ins! How did they do it? And who else is close? Maybe I answer, maybe I don't.

This is just a quick update, not a full show.

Run time 3:35
File Size: 1.7 MB

Monday, January 16, 2006

Update 01--Just an update on things for you guys

Update 01!

This episode is simply here for everyone to find out about those neat little doodads over to the right, and to explain what things are happening with the show in the upcoming weeks, months, and if you are really unlucky: the rest of your lives!

I explain the new podcast player, and why there is no more listen now icon down below this text.

Run time: 14:38
File size: 6.8 MB

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Episode 04! Listener inspired topic!

Nic from London asked if I could help explain how to be a good group member, because he just got the game, and is just getting into running instances.

So, Nic, this is a great idea for a topic, and I appreciate the fact that my listeners are giving me suggestions. And, as a result, here is the podcast about how to be a good group player!

I hope this helps!

Run time: 37:44
File size 17.3 MB

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Episode 03--Up on time! SHOCKING!

Discussion of patch 1.9. The good... ok, not much good to talk about. The bad. And the Ugly.

Run time: 29:40
File size: 13.6 MB

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Episode 02-- More ear bleeding!

Episode 02 is up, and better than Attack of the Clones!

In this episode, I discuss a little bit about the seasonal events, and group/raid etiquette.

Run time: 29:50
File size: 14.3 MB

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Epissode 1.5--Blizzard destroys level 60 BGs!

Blizzard destroys level 60 battlegrounds! Not that I was a huge fan of them to begin with, but come on!

Blizzard's new rule in 1.8.4: BGs must last 10 minutes or the losing side gets no marks of honor...

If you've ever been in a PUG and been steamrolled by an epic geared PvP Guild, you're screwed over. Listen, and enjoy!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Episode 1--Let the pain begin!

Episode 1 is up!

Talk of raiders vs. non-raiders, and some PvP talk as well!

Special thanks to PurePwnage for the permission to use their song "World of Warcraft is a Feeling" in my podcast! Thanks guys, you rock!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Slight update

I got some new recording software, this is recorded with it... able to reduce hiss noise considerably now.

I also got some music files to play for the intro, outro, and during the cast so I don't sound like a NPR reject, and there's something else going on in the background. I hope to have the first podcast ready by this weekend, raids permitting. ;-P

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A quick introduction

A quick introduction has been added. As I get some better equipment, and I get to not recording this crap at 3 AM, I'll be doing more.

That is if the podcast host ever gets the MP3 up...

Finally up!

As soon as I can get this to work more like I intend, I'll get this looking better.