Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PTR Show 4 (Patch 2.3)

Apologies for the audio quality being a bit lower than the last few shows. My normal mic has a short in it, so had to use an older mic.

This episode is all about the changes upcoming in patch 2.3, lots of items to discuss. Had to rerecord the entire show after a program crash, though, so some parts may sound rushed as I had already recorded them once and was a wee bit pissed.

Be sure to email me, comment here, or comment on the forms!

I also apologize for not having a Flash player this post... apparently my host's Flash player code I used last time no longer works... need to get new code. Going to attempt one here...

Hey, it worked!

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Run Time: 1:08:05
File Size: 31 MB


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