Monday, March 13, 2006

Google Video

I think I'm addicted to Google Video. There is just so much cool and funny shit on there, and a lot of WoW vids as well (of course, you can also go to WarCraft Movies for movies, too, but you don't have to download these to watch them... streaming FTW!!!).

I mean, check out this crazy stuff from what appears to be either Japanese or Chinese TV.

Also, on an odd note, I am actually starting to use OS X's Dashboard feature a bit more. When Apple announced Dashboard as a feature of OS X, I was more like "meh"... but, now that Google has put out a Blogger widget (OS X users can download it directly by clicking here), I can post to my site here without ever having to go to the site... unless there's a ton of text in the post, like this one (that video HTML is a killer). My last few posts, though, were all done from my desktop, with no need to be on the Blogger site at all. Leave it to Google to make something that would make me use a feature of the OS I could otherwise care less about... They might even have a similar tool for the various widget programs available for Windows and Linux, as well. Hmm, well, I don't see an official Blogger/Google widget on my search, but I did find one for Konfabulator which is available for both Windows and Mac (I didn't know Yahoo bought out Konfabulator...)

This actually rounds out my Google Widgets, since I now have a Google search bar widget (for when my browser is not open), and a Google mail widget (able to check for new messages at a glance, again, no need for a browser open). OS X users can see all three downloads here.

Ok, must eat.


Anonymous Tagor said...

I had the same problem with Google Video, it can be quite addicting. I would find my self lmao to stupid things like this:

or cool ones like this:

5:18 PM, March 17, 2006  

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