Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Patch Show 6 (2.4)

So, here it is... Patch Show 6.

I was specifically told by a fan to "man up" and get it done, so, here it is.

There is a guest host this time, Josh Fletcher, AKA Kyo Kenshin on my forums. We actually had to record this twice, though, as the first file he tried recording on his end just up and disappeared somehow. This time I recorded on my end. The quality should be about the same, as the programs we used to record are similar in function, just his is for Windows, mine is for OS X. The original was 3.5 hours long, this one is 2 hours and six minutes long... so 5+ hours of recording! YAY!

The overall audio quality, however, might be a little lower than I normally like, as I accidentally transferred the original uncompressed files to 64 kbps MP3 for editing, instead of my normal 192 kbps MP3s for editing. We'll have to see. But, I just spent a good chunk of time editing this... and I'm not editing it all over again. Deal with it. Also, for some reason, there was some slight popping during the last segment we recorded, and I don't know why. Also, this puts all the audio to one track, which means we may talk over each other at times. Not much we can do about that without each of us recording separate tracks... but editing that shit is a pain, trust me.

No Teldrassil music in the beginning, it's long enough. It just starts right up. LET THE EAR BLEEDING COMMENCE!

Actually, I'm typing this as it is exporting... because I am dumb. So I have another 26 minutes of letting Blogger stare me in the face while it exports. Me am smart. Of course, by the time you read this, the audio will be up for download.

Man, I love FiOS.. I just uploaded the 58 MB file in under 2 minutes. <3 Of course, my host makes it 60.9 MB...

Of course, then I screw up the HTML and people couldn't download the damn podcast for the past 6 hours...

DAMN IT! I just discovered why my voice sounded like I was using a different mic... I WAS USING A DIFFERENT MIC! GOD DAMMIT! My Skype was set to use my iSight, not my damn headset. I have no idea why this was... grrrrrrrrrrrr

File Size: 60.9 MB
Run Time: 2:06:50

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