Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another video test for iTunes

Same video, just testing it in iTunes again. After it shows up in iTunes, I'll see how it looks there, then get into editing the video podcast. EDIT: It showed up beautifully in iTunes (not showing up on the show page, but if you hit update podcast it is there). Now I know the format to use, and the hosting site. This means a little out of game recording, then on to full edit mode!

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Blogger SAG said...

Please use this video-quality when you start posting videos.

The latter video "Happy Holidays from WorldOfPodCast" with the poor quality is terrible to watch, but this video was wunderbar :)

1:03 PM, December 27, 2007  
Blogger WorldofPodCast said...

If all goes well, the video quality will be even better than what you saw here. This was video that had already been compressed by the in-game recording (to H.264), then re-compressed by iMovie, then re-re-compressed by QuickTime.

The actual video podcast will only be the H.264 compression from the in-game recording, then the compression to M4V by Final Cut Pro.

2:37 AM, January 03, 2008  

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